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PDS Program Overview

DynCorp Australia currently provides Project Delivery/Project Management Services (PDS) in support of the Australian Department of Defence Estate Works Program (EWP).

The EWP provides facilities maintenance projects aimed at restoring or sustaining capability and addressing safety and compliance requirements of facilities and infrastructure on the Defence Estate. The program also provides for minor development of new capability (Minor New Works) and for delivery of Sponsor Funded Works.

Typical works delivered through the EWP are:

  • Building refurbishments
  • Replacement of fixed plant equipment
  • Asbestos removal and building demolition
  • Compliance and safety works in buildings and infrastructure
  • Road grading and resurfacing
  • Fuel installation works
  • Electrical, Water and Security infrastructure works
  • New capability works < $500,000

For PDS, DynCorp Australia provides project management, contract administration and in-house design services on behalf of the Directorate of Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO) across all Defence regions/sites within Australia. This includes the management of approved construction, maintenance and consultancy projects that require central coordination across multiple sites.

The PDS Contract was signed on 6 August 14 and has a Base Period of 6 Years with 4 X 1 Year Options. In 2017 received a two year extension, taking the contract to August 2022.

Past Programs

Mi-26 Heavy-lift Helicopter

  • Provision Helicopter Logistical Support for sustainment operations for the Netherlands Defense Force (NDF) and Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Afghanistan during period July 2006-February 2014

Upgrade and Maintenance of Tarin Kowt (TK) Airfield (Afghanistan)

  • Upgrade of TK airfield to all weather capability and then ongoing maintenance during the period December 2005 - August 2011

Logistic Support to ADF in Middle East and Afghanistan (AUSLOG)

  • Provision of all logistic support to the ADF throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan including procurement and vehicle hire
  • Period of Perfomance September 2005 - January 2008
  • Precursor to the current MELABS contract